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Our Philosophy: 

Gary Bruder LLC is a private dealer selling directly to the art collector. We only show items which we own.  All items displayed on our website are in our current inventory.

We exhibit at shows and sell privately from our apartment location.

Both as an Art Collector, and Art Dealer, it has always been our philosophy to invest in ownership of the art. If we are willing to invest in owning a work of art, the client will understand that we have used our expertise to obtain the highest quality impressions of the artist's work. Our inventory consists of the most important works by the artists we represent. Our clients rely on us to help determine which works by an artist are recognized as great works of art, and will retain both aesthetic and financial value in the future.

Art collectors and their families often preserve their collections for future generations. Therefore, fewer quality prints appear on the market.  It is our quest to find the very best prints, acquire them, and pass them on to our clients so they may build a collection of works of art that they can be truly proud of.

Gary Bruder Fine Art