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Divan Japonais


Divan Japonais


23 7/8 x 31 1/4 in /
58.4 x 78.7 cm

Key stone printed in olive-green, color stones in black, yellow and red on one sheet of wove paper
Text by the artist
Printed by Ancourt
Commissioned by Ed. Fournier, owner of the Divan Japonais

This poster was put up on 20 January 1893, as an advertisement for a small café concert at 75 Rue des Martyrs, started by Jehan Sarrazin and, since autumn 1892, run by Edouard Fournier. The club was decorated in the so-called Japanese style, with lanterns and mock bamboo. Unlike the Moulin Rouge poster, it is not the star who draws the attention here-the singer Yvette Guilbert, who had her first stage successes her in 1892, is up in the top left-hand corner with her head cut off by the edge of the sheet-but two spectators in a box, typical of the literary audiences which filled the Divan Japonais: the performer Jane Avril and the art critic Edouard Dujardin. "Neither of these notable characters deign to look at Guilbert on stage, whom Lautrec has portrayed as acephalous, probably as a witty response to her complaint that he caricatured her and made her ugly" (Wagner, p. 21).

References: Wittrock P11, Adriani 8

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